Reasons And Objective

Those who rehearse the book of Allah , establish regular prayer' and spend ( in charting ) out of what we have provided for them , secretly and openly , hope for a commerce that will never fail.

Praise be to Allah who honored us with Quran as a guidance and light, and peace be upon whom this last book wasrevealed to. This book was his eternal miracle .the good people were serving and spreading throughout countries.
SuratAlfurqan verse 50-25

And certainly we have repeated this to them that they maybe mind full, but the greater number of men do not consent to aught except denying ,and if we had pleased we would have raised a warner in every town, so do not follow the un believes .

And strive against That idea of establishing African Holly Quran House to contribute to cover the gap of the need for Muslims to the Quran in the African continent in particular. the continent wish is still very instinctive .the continent suffer a permanent poverty despite it's richness in terms of capabilities and natural resources . Muslims in Africa suffer a lot even than any one else.

The Africans follow four recitations in reading Quran : Hafs on authority of Asim , Aldoory on the authority of AboAmroAlpasri ,Warsh on the authority of Nafee and finally gollon on the authority of Nafee though ,Africans are incapable of offering the holy Quran to millions of people .as such come out the idea of the house of Quran of Africa. Basically to help our Muslims brothers in Africa .


African Holly Quran House

The house was established thanks to Allah , and then charty , a long side contribution of formal and public bodies from in and out of Sudan . the general call launched in muharam 19.1415 h corresponding 06/06/1994.

The efforts praise be to Allah . come in to fruition when the house finally opened in rabeealthani 25th -1422 h corresponding 16/06/2001. It was registered under the rules of Sudan government represented by ministry of foreign affairs under the name : the house of Qur’an of Africa ,as an international organization cited . in Khartoum – the capital city of Sudan .

Address : The African Holly Quran House
p.o box 2870 khartoum/sudan –medanist alazhari block 26
phone : 00249155188250 fax : 00249155117879
Email :