Quality System for Quranic Printing

Of the facilities  that have been secured to support the qualitive level of the production of the house of the holy Quran ,is the existence of a coherent system to a chive .

Quality and continuous improvement of the production processes and create appropriate working environment of the technical process through the role of pre-control , from the supply of raw materials to the product  during operation ,and the validation of the product’s full circulation .

All in accordance with of sets requirements and technical specifications related to the specificity of the circulation environment and the quality of the head for the production of the holy Quran .

The quality system in the house consists of the three sections that of the Quranic product the structural level as follows.

1: Pre control unit

It’s speciality  is to adopt designs , confirm the correctness of print measurements ,editing ,page layout color distribution and color matching in the pre-print section.

2: Control Unit during operation

This Unis is responsible for monitoring printing specifications and quality assurance and making sure that it’s free from defect and imperfection resulting from the printing opration and the environment surrounding the operation as well as to exclude  the damage and reduseit’s overall percentage during  operation.

3: The final review and circulation license unit

Which is the final approval of the Quran technically through whatis known the final seal, which is the introduction of the holy Quran stores as a sigh of it’s aptitude to circulation and being free from defects . The review department and works through tow stages. Qualitivereview .

This work is based on the efficiency and personal experience of the cadres working in this department, whom their number exceed 60 individuals in some productive seasons .

The above technical settings qualify the house of Quran of Africa to carry out all non- Quranic print operations as well as it’s specialization in the printing of the holy Quran . a mong it’s machinery capabilities are some machines with ideal measurements such as the 52×72 cm ( SORM) and the 35×45 cm (GTO) for the printing of books ,posters, brochures and office note books of various types  as well as folders and cards of different types and sizes

TypeSizeInternal Cover Additional Features
Mosques Quran 33*23cm 60 grams yellow /white Carboard /linoleum Gilding /knot stripe bar
Averag Quran 14*20cm 60 grams yellow /whiteCarboard /linoleum Gilding /knot stripe bar
Palm Quran 17*12cm 60 grams yellow /whiteCarboard /linoleum Gilding /knot stripe bar
Pockt Quran 10*7cm 60 grams yellow /whiteCarboard /linoleum Gilding /knot stripe bar
Yassin quarter 17*24cm 60 grams yellow /whiteCarboard /linoleumGilding /knot stripe bar
The last tenth 17*24cm 60 grams/white Internacushite 200gramsTow-color coverall lamination
Chamber Quran 17*24cm 60 grams/whiteCushite 250grams Lamination-gatherer bag
Holly Quran divided 17*24cm 60 grams/whiteCushite 250gramsTow-color cover lamination
Zahra wan 17*24cm 60 grams/whiteCushite 250gramsTow-color cover lamination


Production Plan Table

As the technical facilities available in the house now the production plan has been designed , whish in it’s turn subject to promotion in future .

This is according to advantages offered by the positive  opportunities of operating specifications in the most important sections of the house which are printing and binding as follows:

A: Printing Machine ( Speed Master )

There are 3 of that in the house . The first was bought on the stablishment of the house ( model 2000) lately two more machines were added one of 2007 model and other of 2014.

The machine size is 70×100 working on a sheet system . all of them are equipped with four color units which allow saving time as they print the two faces of the paper when it passed the printing cylinder .it should be notes  that the production capacity of one machine – according to operating conditions of the Sudanese industrial environment

Is approximately 9000 9000 prints per hour


B: Binding section machines

It’s on integrated production line in which the industry of the holy Quran goes down after printing .Thus , according to the specifications recorded on the contract of agreement and the order of operation and consists of:

1: Application machines (HIDELBERGE )- of them operate with bel + pull system

2: collection machine (KOLBUS )- 1 machine of capacity 20 for the binding .

3: cover making machine – 1 machine : production capacity 1000 cover per hour .

4: The HOT STAMPING MACHINE 1 machine of 800 prints capacity per hour .

5: MULLERMARTINI : 3 machines of production capacity 3000 Quran prints per hour

6: RIECHOU 1 machines , production capacity is 15000 prints per hour

7: machine of integrating the book with the cover (COMPACKT )  1 MACHINE , production capacity is 1500 prints in hours .


The annual production plan of the holy Quran

The annual production The month production The week production The daily shifts Operating machines Operation

Papers 6.480.000

Quran prints


Papars540.000 Quran prints

2.700.000 papers 135.000koran 3for every machine 9(shifts) 3machines size 70x100cm9000p/h Printing

Quran prints

540.000 koran prints 135.000 Quran prints (2)for every shift (20) shifts 10 various machines binding