Privacy of Quran printing

Since the Koranic printing in it self is a technical system that has never been dealt with except in every limit presses through out the Islamic word, the page was white in the idea of establishing a Quranic printing , institution in Africa in terms of setting the appropriate technical standards and tools for printing a koran that conforms to it’s specifications .that fits technically and scientifically the requirements of the African continent with it’s specifities of the environment , culture and jurisprudence . then all of this was approved the mission of the house of the Koran of Africa to be concerned primarily with the printing and publication of the Koran and it’s distribution in Africa .According to idicators resulting from preliminary studies identified by the need of Muslims in Africa , and then add other goals related to the publication of Koran through electronic media and a video – visual media and deepening  the positive .

Rules of Islamic Dawa , which has been a dream for the people of Africa for decades

The Quranic printing is the addition of a scientific mechanism for the printing system related to the fulfillment of the legal and scientific conditions of the contents of the form and content in the Quranic text. It’s objectives are to deliver the holy Quran to the recipient free of texual defects and definitions and mixing of recitations through several steps , most of which revolnea round the quality of the Quranic text and it’s legitimacy a long side it’s compatibility with the recitation free from the impurities caused by the operational environment and the movement of technical hands during operation .

A mong the characteristics of Quranic printing a fter it contains the features and technical conditions required by the printing work as a conventional industry , is that it works to arrange and achieve the procedures of protecting the Quranic text through what can be called the system of scientific procedures which supervise the validity of the Quranic text and it’s conformity with the demand and the need for which the printing . the scientific administration in the house of koran at it’s structural level is responsible for the achievement of the previous objectives related to the Quranic text.On this department , stand , a group of specialists in the sciences of readings , and Quranic the recitations . their role begins from the preparation of the recitation beside reviewing the writing and confirm the validity .

Then this role extends to include control over  the Quranic text during the stages of printing operation to protect it from change and distortions that violate the rules of correctness due to technical reasons that may accur during implementation .it’s also the scientific administration responsible for the development of the Quranic preparation process , to achieve research and studies supporting this trend in the scientific farm work for the printing of the holy Quran .

This highlights the difference between the commercial Koran in the market and the Holy Koran. It’s characterized by specialized scientific preparation , which allows modification , change and continuous improvement in each edition whenever headed . which is at the same time monitored as text , not as complete edition . This allows identifying the reasons and conditions ,where the text of the Koran is technically might be damaged , then try to avoid or at least discover such damage in the initial stages . moreover , the quality and validity of the Quranic text is not restricted to this extend : The house Quran is reviewed twice after it becomes a complete product . it’s not supplied to the stores and considered complete product  after conclusion unless