The House Endowment Projects

Minimizing of the cost of Quran print remains a strategic goal that the house tries to achieve by preserving high standards of preparation and production, and in the same time minimizing its profit margins to the utmost eyeing to free distribution, to support the Islamic preaching activities in Africa.

All the above mentioned requires care about improving the supporting sources and sectors to finance the house projects in the administrative and technical fields, so the endowment projects are among the most financing source that the house depends on.

The house has many endowment projects need to be structured according to studies prepared for any project, hence operating them to be one of a tributaries that finance print and publication of the holy Quran according to endowment or vision allows continuation of progress operations for productive and administrative power to meet the real  needs of Africa for the holy Quran by many financing means such as donations, shares and debts.

The most important projects that now underway are:

A) Endowments of investment of the plot of the al-Baladya street: Khartoum 3.365 square miter.

B) Endowment of investment of the hotel of blazing planet: Khartoum, central market, 600 square miter.

C) Endowment of investment of the plot of benevolences stores; 5000 square miter.

D) Endowment of parent honorary for print the holy Quran for individuals and institution, beginning from two holy Quran and more, according to Quran verse.

(And your lord has decreed that you worship non but him, and that you be dutiful to your parents)17: 23

An ascending program has been designed for possibility of participant in parents honorary according to potentialities of the philanthropists according to chronological order or unconditioned participation as follows:

Period of Endowment Participation No of holy Quran Type Price in USD
Week 2Medium2.67
Month 8//21.36
Year 96//256.32

E) Endowment of project of inherited holy Quran: it is an endowment for man’s self reward, according to chronological order or un conditioned participation, as follows:

Period of Endowment Participation Quantity Type Unit price (USD)Price (USD)
Every day 365Middle 2.69974.55
Every Friday 48////128.16
Every month 12////32.04
Every year 1////2.67

F) Project of Africa’s holy Quran endowment: it is an endowment provides individuals, institutions, scientific and governmental authorities to participate in holy Quran endowment in favor of the house plan related to filing gap that many African countries suffer from, via open financing gates by direct payment to the banks or electronic remittances.

G) Sectoral endowment holy Quran: the house provides private and governmental institutions, or organizations, and educational institutions and individuals to print holy Quran in their names distributed by them or by mechanism of the house of holy Quran of Africa such as:

  • Ministries, states, localities, governmental authorities.
  • Organizations, international and national social authorities.
  • Private and public sector companies and businessmen.
  • Officers and their unions and organizations.
  • Women and student organizations.
  • Sport and youth centers.
  • Universities, schools and technical institutions.

H) Fixed assets endowments: these related to participation in the house fixed assets such as machines, plots and buildings.

I) Social interaction endowments: These related to specific finance for holy Quran print in favor of individuals, families, micro social organizations inside quarters of urban areas and villages, such as:

  • Prepare for departure: According to prophetic hadith: (Seven deeds their rewards reach man after death, who he taught science, flowed stream, dug well, sew palm, built a mosque, inherited holy Quran and who he left a son to ask forgiveness for him).

J) Give away your dead a holy Quran: This endowment according to the prophetic hadith (If the man died his reward boycotted except form three deeds, continuous charity, useful science, or godly son calls for him).

K) Endowment of recited holy Quran project: It is one of the projects that the house aims at, because of its belief of importance of diversity of publication media to deepen the making use that Africa Muslims need from audio Quran. In the same time it is important project of documentation of Quran culture in every African country or organization by providing documented recitations of all dominant Quran readings in Africa by ways that differentiate cultural diversity in all corners of Africa, by recruiting group of distinguished readers from all parts of Africa, and documenting their recitations by Quran scientific committee to verify the correctness of recitation.

This project considered one of the strategic effectual of spreading the holy Quran in Africa among illiterates and non native speakers and people of special needs. It is available for all philanthropists whether individuals, institutions or organizations.

L) Endowment of the project of preparation of Quran informational production studio: Where the constituent schemes of Africa’s house of holy Quran as a pioneer centre to publish Quran in Africa via all available media, the house is aware of that the house must include other tools to publish Quran and Quran culture in Africa by various tools to enhance the foliar print, so the architectural and engineering integrated studio of radio and television broadcasting has been prepared.

Now this studio is equipped with technical devices which make it to publish recitations with all dominant readings in Africa, in addition to producing of programs related to Quran culture and sciences mainly sciences of perfection and exegesis and Quran scientific miracles sciences by audio-visual broadcasting by recruiting professional scholars in the above mentioned scopes.

Furthermore it could be used as an informational promoter to reflect the activities and perspectives of the house about the issues of holy Quran in Africa and broadcasting and documenting all activities, festivals and conferences related to publication of holy Quran by all accredited means of the house plans, in addition to participation of expanding the scientific and cultural scopes of holy Quran among African Muslims.