The holy Quran is a divine and sacred text, it is unavoidable for scholars, and the public via recitations, exegesis and translation of its meanings. So the house had to be careful with the projects of Quran researches by improving, classifying and translating researches to the Muslims in Africa according to the highest proportions of the dominant language in Africa.

Quran Researches:

The scientific department of the house undertakes the specialties of this sector by defining the important and non- circulated Quran researches titles and recruiting the specialist researches who belong to scientific institutions and then financing the research requirements and its translation and print in favor of Africa Muslims for more Quran enlightenment and materialistic and moral support for the Quran research.

Quran Translations:     

Translation of the holy Quran and its meanings and exegeses in to African languages, is considered one of the most important and valuable projects related to project of Islamic call in Africa. It transfers the abstract Quran text to the level of understanding and Jurisprudence.

African continent according to statistics contains 1600 languages, the most important of these are: Arabic, English, French, Swahili. The Swahili language considered the second language for many Africans who speak English and French, about 50 million as it is estimated and in the same time it is mother and official language for 5 million, it is the most popular language in east Africa and official language in Kenya and Tanzania, also it is wide spread in Uganda, Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and Senegal coasts.