Projects of the House

According to the strategy of the house and its programs that will realize its goals related to publishing and distributing, the holy Quran in the needy areas in Africa via supporting the potentialities of the house by Enhancing projects such as:

(A) Expansion and improvement of technical and productive sector: The house works via long and middle term strategies to make the technical and productive sector keeping pace with the new ideas and technology that meet increase of the quantum production in addition to of standards of quality of the Quran product. The following are some of schematic visions .

1 . Expansion and improvement of operational environment and mechanical potentialities:

  • Replacing the old print machines (2001) and below, with new ones, and adding continuous system (W E B) to push up the level of productivity and minimize operational damage percentage.
  • Providing the print section with emulating machine in order to control of standard of print quality and minimize the operational damage percentage.
  • Pushing up of production power of inseparable application unit, by adding new machines work with fader system.
  • Providing some units of production in binding section with new machines as an supporting alternative to the old machines in the units of casing manufacturing, thermal stamping in addition to sewing and agglutination unit.
  • Providing the assembly machine with system of inseparable order flow explore via lazer rays.
  • Pushing up the production power of pre-printing section by adding more computers and modern designing programs in addition to new CIP machine.
  • Expanding the halls of print, binding and review in addition to perfect production store to adjust with the requirements of pushing up of production levels and perfection the Quran product schemes in its all phases.
  • Expanding the training plans of administrative and technical cadres inside Sudan and abroad according to the needs and updates that the continuous progress and improvement of performance requires.
  • Treating and renewing the system of halls air conditioning to resist the hot atmosphere in Sudan, specifically in summer season which reflects passively on the safety of machines operation and perfection of Quran print product whereas the temperature in summer season reaches its outmost, about 46ْ with percentage of moisture less than 4.8% in most cases, the thing is that press the percentage of print defect.

2 . Activation of Quran informative mature production sector:

In addition  to conducting the holy Quran printing, the house is aware regard the schemes of publishing and distribution of holy Quran via various media, among its infrastructure, the house has technical production studio needs completion of its mechanical preparations to become an audio-visual information center via all modern technological and electronic media in many fields such as audio-visual of recitations of dominant Quran transmission in Africa, and also via the available African languages in addition to professional informational programs in the fields of Quran exegeses and other sciences of Quran that complete the spread of Islamic preaching in Africa, hence the project of recited Quran is one of the most important challenges and requirements that the house work to carry out via audio-visual Quran production.