About African holly Quran house

About African holly Quran house

African holly Quran house is an international Organization has been working in holly Quran field and printing the Glorious Quran. it was founded in 1415 hijra, its head quarter in Khartoum capital of Sudan its basic function is to printing Glorious Quran supply it for a million Muslims in Africa and around the world.
The house has a secretary council containing of 60 members from different Islamic countries. They are representing an international and acknowledgement characters in Quran science , published and helped by management council making a planning and supervised by specialist execution directorate .The house was opened in 25 of Rabi Thani 1422 hijra – 16 July 21.

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Holly Quran House


  • Printing out Glorious Quran considering the various recitation methods prevailing in Africa . make Quran handy operating in Islamic Dawa field .
  • Offering Quran recordings on base of prevailing recitation methods.
  • Printing out translation of meanings of Glorious Quran.
  • Printing and publishing the Islamic book .
  • Encouragement of scientific researches that are in relation Quran .

Total Products of House

Mid-Year Products

The house has ability to produce 10 Millions copies if the machines work by its full power.

Products of house since its foundation

The house has products about 6 Millions copies since its foundation till October 2016.

What was distributed of house products since Founded for Muslims

The products of The house was distributed in and out of county to 57 African countries.


Supply and publish Glorious Quran with a frequent novels interpretation and translating prevailing in Africa with the legal multimedia, high and a competitive price, and in a time and to fulfillment contracting with qualified worker and to achieving jobs satisfaction and pertinence felling and changing interests which was build in trustfulness with our partners whose were supporters, endowments, exporters, scientists authority.


The leading organization in Africa for printing and publishing Glorious Quran by frequent novels and intimate Quran as it come. It is a first in Sudan for polonaise supports and developing of resource and printing Jobs.


& Activities

By Abdu Mustafa Dawod It is a magnificent name fro magnificent house and it is get it for its service
إقرأ المزيد
To activate the partnership between African House for printing Glorious Quran and Islamic Advocacy organization the house got an appreciation
إقرأ المزيد
Khartoum : Hatim Mohamed Osman : African house for printing Glorious Quran was signed a contract with the Holly Quran
إقرأ المزيد

The Idea of founding of the house is coming from the deep senses of the Muslims struggles which were faced in several African countries, to gets book of Quran to learn its religious affairs and to worshiping Allah, by recitation Holly Quran verses, especially that African was struggling from poverty and needs, their nations reads the Quran by four novels, it is obligatory duties to supply the Quran’s books by that novels as they reads the Quran.

Our Partners For Serving Book Of Quran

The efforts integrated between the African house of holy Quran and partners of achievement in the Journey of Holy Quran. They participated by training, sponsorship, and encouragement such as Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Turkey to name put a few and legal governmental institutions such as ministry of guidance of Sudan, and ministry of Awgaf and Islamic affairs in Qatar and Kuwait in addition to Sudanese armed forces, international forum of Islamic youth, sheikh Zayed bin Sultan institution, international authority of Kitab and Sunnah affiliated to Islamic world league, Islamic call organization, Al-Furgan center for Quran services in Chad, heritage revival society in Kuwait, Sabil Al-Rashed organization in Sudan, Al-Haramen charitable organization, and many societies, origination and individuals who supported print of holy Quran of African Muslim.
The amount of the printed holy Quran that distributed in Africa outnumbered 10.000.000 in addition to chapters of holy Quran. We ask god to be servants of holy Quran (we have surely revealed the reminder and we will most surely its guardian and we ask god to be among those who the prophet (PPUH) said about them (who he Studied and taught Quran is the best of you).


What They Said About Us

  • Ambassador Atta Al-Mannan Bakhit, Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Call

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  • Dr .Fayed Ibn Mohamed, a head of AlNoor Scientific charitable foundation and a head of sceintific and legetmacy affairs for Haro Center language

    Islam in Eurob is widely spread,in this visit we came to invest  in the Holly book, because it is an inrest trading , and what we saw, let us be trust that the Islam will powerfully come, and the Holly Quran will be spread, and we commend your efforts for printing of Holly Quran book by four novels, that is blessed commendale.
  • Dr. Zakaria – Manager of foreign relation of Munazamat Aldaawa Alislamia

    You are the servants of the Holly Quran and you are works to print and publish. congratualtion for this great charitablly and our obligation in Munazammat AlDawaa and all of the community are to support you so to share you in rewards .
  • Prof.Abd Arahman Mohamed Ali Saeed – The Secretary General of the Holly Quran Association

    Wea re surprise about tuchable works we saw, and you carry awarys, and works  seriously and harmonicaly like bees . preparing, printing and distributing the holly Quran to whom were they needed. So our basic aim from now is to publish and let the people to know the african house for printing the Glorius of Quran and what they does.
  • The governor of Khartoum state Abdul Rahim Mohammed Hussein

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